Studio Puyfontaine is a Pop-Up photo studio. To know more about the schedule please click below on calendar 20018/19.

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Currently until the 23rd of december


Studio Puyfontaine is a photo studio dedicated to character portraits.

Photos are taken on a glass plate in accordance to a 19th century process.

Each portrait is a one-off piece.

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A Craftsmanship and silver know-how from the 19th century

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A creative experience in which you will live the silver process



A timeless and unique object that you will keep all your life


Portraits are taken with a view camera directly on glass plates.

For each photo, a silver photosensitive emulsion must be prepared and poured on the glass plate on which the photography will be directly taken.

All the products are craftly made in accordance with a process from the 19th century. 

During the photo shooting, you will see all the making-process of the negative and you will witness the slow appearing of your face in the chemical baths.

You can also see the process under red light in the dark room.


Portraits are mounted as an ambrotype ensuring a minimum 100 years lifetime.

Ambrotype is an ancient greek word meaning immortal.

Your portrait is a unique piece of creation that you will keep throughout your life. It is also a timeless testimony of your personal and family history that you will pass on from generation to generation.

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Professional photographer for more than 15 years, I have established Studio Puyfontaine dédicated to character portraits in 2014 and I regularly have popup store in Paris.

I also develop other various artistic projects. In particular, I work, for more than 10 years, on an artistic photographies serie called « Late colors », which has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in France and abroad.


Studio Puyfontaine has a large format camera of exceptional dimension with which up to 50x60 cm portait on glass plate can be taken (20x24 inches).

The view camera must be as large as the glass plate on which the portrait is taken.

Studio Puyfontaine is one of the few photo studio in the world to be able to take portraits on glass plates of this size.