How long is the photography shooting?

A maximum of 3 photographies on glass plates is required to have a great portrait and I do my best for having a good portrait with the first glass plate. Each photography on a glass plate takes 20-30 minutes. The duration below are approximate and include the shooting of 3 glass plates.

  • 16x21 and 20x25 cm: maximum 1h30

  • 30x40 cm: maximum 2h

  • 40x50 cm: maximum 2h30

  • 50x60 cm: maximum 3h


What happens during the photography shooting?

You will see all the process. In particular, you will see the making of the negative, the process in the dark room and the emerging of your face. With the traditional wet collodion process, it takes 20-30 minutes to make one portrait. This silver process requires to make its own photosensitive emulsion and to pour it on the glass plate for each portrait. After the taking of the photography, each glass plate must be immersed in several chemical baths. The time exposure lasts between 3 and 10 seconds.


How many pitcures do you take?

The duration of the shooting includes the taking of 3 photographies on glass plates. However, I do my best to make the first one the good one. If several gass plates are made, you will keep the one you will choose.


How do I choose my portrait?

You will see the portrait right after the taking of the picture and will be then able to choose the one you prefer.


When can I get my portraiT(S)?

The glass plates must be washed, dried and mounted as an ambrotype. The portraits are ready within 24 hours (business day). Shorter time is possible, if it is specified in advance.


Does the glass plates alter over time?

Your portraits have a minimum 100-year life duration. The first glass plates were made more than 160 years ago and are still in good condition. Wet collodion is a lasting process and your portrait will pass on from generation to generation.


Why the largest size is 20/24 IN?

The wet camera must as large as the size of the glass plate. I can take photographies of size up to 20/24 in. With my wet camera and I am one of the few photographers in the world to be able to take portraits on glass plate of this size.


Can we smile on the picTure?

You can smile on the portraits. The most important is that you be yourself. To not smile will give a more intense and raw dimension to your portrait. In any case, I will give you guidance all along the shooting to help you to chose what will best suit you.


How should we be dressed?

If it’s a photography with several persons, the most important is to have a harmony of style for the clothes among the persons. You can choose a theme that you will have for all of you. If it’s a photography of one person, you can bring several clothes that you like and matche your style.


Should I avoid certain colors?

Red looks like black in the photographies. So, if you have a black outfit with red dots, we won’t see the red dots.


Should I apply a makeup?

Men don’t need any makeup. For women, it is better to have a light make-up and to avoid foundation and come with your makeup bag. Unlike other photography techniques, makeup doesn’t work well with wet collodion process.


I FEEL QUEASY WHEN pictures are taken and I don’t what to do in front a camera. Will you help us?

All along the shooting, I will use my portraitist know-how to help you to feel at ease, I will guide and put your best face forward.


We would like to take a picture of a still life. Is it possible?

I would be pleased to take a picture of your still life.